Creative Conversations

A conversation is a beautiful example of creativity. You may have some idea going into in it what will be said, but once started, a conversation can go anywhere, from the practical to the sublime. It can be serious or delightful (or both at the same time). It unfolds in the moment and you really don't know what exactly will be said even five seconds from now.

In the Creative Conversations that I offer, we talk about whatever is important and alive for you. Creativity is not just the domain of artists, writers, and musicians. Everything about our lives is creative--from what we do to what we dream about, and even what we are experiencing every moment. And there is great value in understanding how simply and easily it works.

Let's Talk

What I can tell you is that people say these conversations are helpful and even impactful in unexpeted ways--that's the potential of a creative conversation.

Creative Conversations are offered primarily via Zoom and are $55 per session through the end of 2021. Please use the contact form to get in touch.