Exploring Creativity

Discovery Painting
Discovery painting is all about exploring and enjoying your creative expression through intuitive painting and mixed media. For individuals and groups. Contact me using the form below for more information.

 Neocolor II 
water-soluble crayons
Creating with Neocolor II 
Caran d'Ache Neocolor II is a wonderful medium to explore your creativity and express yourself artistically in a way that is easy, enjoyable, and affordable! 

Neocolor II crayons are water-soluble. In a way they are like the crayons many of us started drawing with as children, but they are smoother and richer in pigment. Best of all, when you apply a wet brush to the marks on your paper, they magically turn in watercolor!

While I primarily see myself as an acrylic painter. Neocolor II crayons are portable, so I can create at the kitchen table, at a coffee shop, or even as I travel. There are no messes, spills, or even much to clean up. And they are so satisfying to work with. 

I offer individual and small group Neocolor II sessions for individuals and groups. Contact me using the form below for more information.

Discovery Conversations
I offer Discovery Conversations for anyone interested in unveiling their gifts and talents, connecting with their wisdom and creativity, and living an inspired, joyful life.  I believe each of us has a natural and endless reservoir of creativity, wisdom, and well-being. We have the capacity to experience, explore, and discover life. And we can create whatever we want—in any realm of our lives.   

In a Discovery Conversation, we talk about whatever is important and alive for you. It could be about a life situation or something you are exploring internally. Through dialogue and reflection, insights emerge, as does the clarity to follow your inspirations. 

A Discovery Conversation is an opportunity to see things in a fresh and empowered way, and can be valuable to you in any aspect of your life. Here are some examples:  
  • You are going through a career/life transition 
  • You want to learn about your own innate well-being and how this serves your life 
  • You want to feel freer to express yourself through creativity, work, or service to the world 
  • You want more enjoyable and fulfilling relationships   

The best way to find out what Discovery Conversations are all about is to book a complimentary half-hour session.  Beyond this, we can design individual follow-ups or packages designed to meet your needs and budget. Please contact me using the form below.