Musings on Discovering Life

Tom Mattox

There's always something to discover. We are continually discovering life in the moment. And this discovery is endless!

In this moment, in any moment, you have a wellspring of wisdom to draw upon. This wisdom, which is simply your natural intelligence, is always available to guide you. It doesn’t mean that aspects of your life will work out in a particular way, but this wisdom is much stronger and wondrous than you might realize. Even a little appreciation of what you already have going for you can impact your life deeply. 

There is something present in every human consciousness that is in addition to whatever you are currently thinking about. Look for that in an easy and gentle way, and what you find may surprise and uplift you. (Hint: it’s not in the words or ideas that may come to you, it is beyond words and thoughts.)

Waking up to the simple and ordinary experience of being awake and alive can be wonderful. This is available to you in the midst of any difficulty you may be facing; no problem can keep you from experiencing this, and nothing you gain or acquire will give you any more access to it than you already have. Reflect on this and see what you find.

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