Rediscovering Well-being and Creativity

Rediscovering Well-being

As children we often experienced a natural feeling of enjoyment and curiosity. Along the way to becoming adults, we learned to be more serious and value thinking about the past and future way more than is necessary. We may have adopted a belief that our ability to enjoy life comes primarlly from what is happening in the world--our life stories and circumstances as we see them. But the stories of our lives are less solid than they appear. The ability to live in a feeling of well-being most of the time is so much more available than you might think.

Rediscovering Creativity

Everyone has a creative spark inside them. It is amazing and wonderful. It inspires and guides us in all aspects of life. It can never be lost or damaged, though it can appear to be hidden behind ideas that you are not that creative. The only trick is to be more interested in seeing it come alive than any limiting thought that presents itself. It's always available to discover.

Tom Mattox

I offer Rediscovering Well-being and Creatvity progams for individuals and grouips, both short and long term, If you'd like to know more, I offer a free one-hour consultation. You can contact me here.

I am a trained Three Principles practitioner. The Three Principles were first taught by Sydney Banks in the 1970s. The Prinicples point to the natural state of well-being and creativity that all humans possess. A great resource to learn more is the 3 Principles Global Community Website.

I am also a visual artist based in Portland, Oregon. I enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, the vibrant cityscape, and the endless inspiration of living here. My previous work has included journalism and community education. I have a Masters Degree with a focus in adult learning from Portland State University

You can contact me here.


Tom is such a wonderful practitioner. He has helped me more than I can say. Tom listens with so much compassion and focused attention, really looking to understand what is being shared. He has such a warm, calming presence that I have often felt better before he has even spoken! Tom asks very insightful, wise and helpful questions, which have led me to clarity and peace. Invariably, I have come away from a session with Tom feeling so much more settled, happier and more optimistic about life. Tom has been incredibly patient and has set the scene for me to have life changing insights. These have had a huge impact not only on me, but on those around me as well.

Kelly, UK