Tom Mattox Art and Inspiration

I believe we all have an innate ability to be creative and express ourselves in ways that are satisfying. For me, this is painting. When I paint, I enter a realm of joy and possibility that is nourishing for me and, I hope, for others. Sharing my work feels like the last step in the artistic process. I offer paintings for sale, borrow, and sometimes as gifts! Check out my art gallery here.

Landscape Dreams20 x 24 inches Acrylic on Canvas$195

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Inspiration for 2022

Everyone has a creative spark inside them. It is amazing and wonderful. It inspires and guides you in all aspects of life. It can never be lost or damaged, though it can appear to be hidden behind ideas that you are not that creative. The only trick is to be more interested in seeing it come alive than any limiting thought that presents itself to you. It's always available to discover. Why not now?

Rediscovering Creativity