Tom Mattox Art and Inspiration

I believe we all have an innate ability to be creative and express ourselves in ways that are satisfying. For me, this is painting. When I paint, I enter a realm of joy and possibility that is nourishing for me and, I hope, for others. Sharing my work feels like the last step in the artistic process. I offer paintings for sale, borrow, and sometimes as gifts! Check out my art gallery here.

Ancient Etchings

Featured Painting November 2021 : Ancient Etchings

"We have a tremondous range of abstract feelings, but we don't pay any attention to them "~ Agnes Martin.

The power of abstract painting lies in the fact that you aren't necessarily trying to create something recognizable in the outer world. This frees you to create anything in the inner world of feeling. Feelings themselves are rather nebulous even though we have names for them, and as Agnes Martin pointed out, there are many more that we don't even have names for, let alone pay attention. Futher, the feeling that the artist paints from may evoke an entirely different experience in anyone who views the fininshed work, and the feeling may change over time. The work has a life of its own and becomes a collaboration with the viewer--I love that about painting, and it's the reason I often say that sometimes the painting isn't complete until it is shared--as if the viewer, by his or her viewing, is putting the final stroke of the painting down.

Ancient Etchings is 22x28 inches, Arylic on Canvas and is currently available ($195+Shipping). If you are interested in obtaining it, please contact me HERE