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New Program: Living in a Healthy State of Mind

Your state of mind can feel healthy or unpleasant in the midst of whatever you are doing or facing, and it can fluctuate back and forth all day long. The premise here is you’ll do better in a healthy state of mind, or at least you’ll feel better and more empowered as you go about your day.  A healthy state of mind is whatever you think it is. Everyone has experienced it. For me, a healthy state of mind is one in which my thoughts are positive and constructive and it comes with a feeling of care and goodwill toward others ,and a desire to be of service that is built in. For people who are attuned to a more spiritual way of speaking, it's living in the conscious presence of God or a Higher Power. 

The Basics: Take any situation in your life that is in process. Ask yourself these three questions: 

Reflect: What was it like to have answered those questions? Considering how you understand something, followed by knowing what you want to happen, and then seeing that it’s possible to move in that direction in a healthy way is very powerful. You can move mountains. You really can enjoy your life in whatever you do!  

Daily: Ask yourself these three questions and reflect on the experience once a day when you have a little quiet time and then forget about it as you go about your day.  And, as you go about your day, you can find yourself to be in a healthy state of mind more and more. It’s very easy and simple. When you find yourself thinking about something in a way that is not helpful or enjoyable, that’s great, because you’ve momentarily stopped or diminished that thinking, and now your have the option to simply ask yourself, can I do what I am doing now in a healthy state of mind (constructive, enjoyable, generous). Be honest and don't force it. It's OK if the answer in "no" or "I don't know".  The power is in asking the question. Even if you feel this is beneficial ten percent of the time, that’s huge! Over time you will see the results.   Be gentle with yourself and don’t give yourself a hard time if you don’t seem to be making a lot of progress. 

Sometimes, in the beginning, you’ll see just how unhealthy your thinking is so much of the time and it can be jarring. If you experience this, just trust that you are on the right track.  You can be in a healthy state of mind most of the time. We humans, I believe, are designed to thrive in this way, so you have nature on your side.  

Support:  I offer the basics of Living in a Healthy State of Mind  here for free. Some people benefit from personal support, so I’m offering this program :

Tuition: $495 for two months, including:

Please email me if you are interested in enrolling or have questions.  If you want to do this with a group, let's talk. I'm also available for public speaking. You can reach me at:

Ongoing Project: Small Arts of Kindness

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Tom Mattox
I  am an visual artist and teacher based in Portland Oregon. 

My artwork is an expression of joy, aliveness, and trust. I love to share my work with others and I believe each painting has a home and someone who will appreciate its life-giving beauty and energy.  Visit my virtual art gallery here.   

My latest education program is Living in a Healthy State of Mind (see above)

I also help people rediscover their innate ability to create art with joy, ease, and freedom with my Emerging Artist offerings. 

My previous work has included journalism and community education. I have a Masters Degree with a focus in adult learning from Portland State University and I am a registered Three Principles Practitioner. 

I enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, the vibrant cityscape, and the endless inspiration of living here. You can contact me at