The Emerging Artist 

The Emerging Artist page is dedicated to realizing the possibilities of rediscovering your innate ability to express yourself as an artist in a way that is enjoyable and fulfilling.  

We are all natural artists.  As children we inherently knew this and had little inhibition about our ability to create. Over time, we received countless messages that art is for special people who, for example, can draw or paint realistically, and many of us came to believe these messages. The good news is our ability to create art continues unabated.

Everyone has a creative spark inside them. It is amazing and wonderful. It inspires and guides us in all aspects of life. It can never be lost or damaged, though it can appear to be hidden behind ideas that we are not that creative. The only trick is to be more interested in seeing it come alive than any limiting thought that presents itself to you. It's always available to rediscover. Why not now? 

Experience it for Yourself: Workshops and Offerings
I offer individual and small group workshops on rediscovering the artist you've always been. My current offerings are below. Contact me here for more information.

Exploring Artistic Expression through Visual Art 

For individuals and small groups

There's a natural flow and rhythm to life that can be experienced through visual art (painting, drawing, collage). The type of art I do and teach is free-form, sometimes referred to as abstract. Rather than trying to capture an image from the world or your mind, you are expressing what you feel, while exploring the interplay of color, form, and movement.

In this fun, interactive experience for individuals or small groups, we’ll explore getting into the “feel” of what being an artist is for each of us. You will:

Even if you don't see yourself as artistic or creative, you can learn to make art in a way that is satisfying. This can also open fresh vistas within you and awaken your creativity in all aspects of life.

This workshop is for individuals and small groups. Dates and times to be scheduled as requested. To learn more and enroll, contact me  at

The Elements of Visual Art: Exploring Line, Shape and Color

Most visual art, whether representational or abstract, consists of some combination of line, shape, and color (or black and white). In this three-part workshop series, we will discover the amazing versatility of these common elements, and how you can experience the joy and freedom of making whatever you want in a way that is satisfying for you. Workshop is designed to reawaken your natural (and abundant) ability to create. You may be surprised! No particular artistic skill is necessary to participate.  

This workshop is for individuals and small groups. Dates and times to be schedules as requested. To learn more and enroll, contact me at