New Mentoring Programs for Individuals: Exploring the Three Principles

Many people have experienced an elavated feeling of inner well-being by exploring the Three Principles as introduced by the late Sydney Banks. The Principles point to the universal nature of life--I like to think of them as three gifts: the gift of being alive (as an expression of all life); the gift of being aware, and the gift of our creative ability to perceive, think, and make meaning.

It can be incredible empowering and uplifting to explore these Principles/gifts. For me there's been a heightened and beautiful feeling of aliveness that permenates my daily life.  Also, many problems that I have experienced as being persistent have become much lighter, and some have disappeared all together without effort. 

In this  six-week, individualized program, we will explore and reflect on the Principles, using the videos and writings of Sydney Banks, along with videos and writings of other Three Principles teachers. 

Each week we'll meet by phone or Zoom for about 30 minutes. You'll have the opportunity to share and deepen your insights, and begin to see more and more how these universal principles/gifts are operating in your life in ways that are beneficial for you.

The cost is $395, payable at the start. 

Please reach out if you want to learn more or want to enroll. This program offers beneftis that will last a lifetime.