Tom Mattox

I am a trained Three Principles practitioner. The Three Principles were first taught by Sydney Banks in the 1970s. The Prinicples point to the natural state of well-being and creativity that all humans possess. A great resource to learn more is the 3 Principles Global Community Website.

I also teach art and creativity and I am an visual artist. My artwork is an expression of joy, aliveness, and trust. I love to share my work with others and I believe each painting has a home and someone who will appreciate its life-giving beauty and energy. You see my virtual art gallery here.

My previous work has included journalism and community education. I have a Masters Degree with a focus in adult learning from Portland State University.

I am currently based in Portland, Oregon. I enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, the vibrant cityscape, and the endless inspiration of living here.

You can contact me here.