Rediscovering Creativity

Everyone has a creative spark inside them. It is amazing and wonderful. It inspires and guides you in all aspects of life. It can never be lost or damaged, though it can appear to be hidden behind ideas that you are not that creative. The only trick is to be more interested in seeing it come alive than any limiting thought that presents itself to you. It's always available to discover. Why not now?

We are all naturally creative beings. As children we inherently knew this and had little inhibition about our ability to create. Over time, we received countless messages that creativity is for special people who, for example, can draw or paint realistically, and many of us came to believe these messages. The good news is our creativity continues unabated and is available in all aspects of our lives even if we aren't engaged in a particular art form.

Let's Talk

I offer individual and group programs via Zoom and in person when possible. Programs are flexible to meet differing needs and budgets. If you are interested in rediscovering your innate (and immense) creativity, please use the contact form to get in touch.